Saturday, May 29, 2010

hectic week! whew!

This week must be one of my most hectic week to date! (May 24-28, 2010)

It blasted off with a text from my friend to hang out on a Monday night! I thought about it but what the heck! So I went with them, had a few drinks at Ardi's in Jupiter St. Makati. I guess we are the only young adults there, most of them are what you can categorize as D.O.M.'s. (haha!) Anyway, we share a few stories here and there about life and love. Learned something new. Afterwards, we went to Starbucks, I tried a new drink hot White Chocolate Mocha, tastes great!  It even tastes better than my favorite Caramel Frappe. I had fun, and didn't have a clue yet that it was just a start of my hectic week.

Tuesday: rest day from a night out, but not at home. I went home early, hoping to sleep early because I was tired from last night, but as the circumstances had changed, I ended up sleeping early, early for next day, 12mn! You'll never really notice the time when you are having a heart-to-heart talk with someone who can relate to your problems. And I had been pouring my heart out to someone, and it felt good. 

Still feels restless from yesterday, my Wednesday is a lot more. I went out with a friend, who's about to go far far away, and I'm really gonna miss her. She had been a big part of my life recently. Taught me many things, and really became such a great friend. However, she's about to go away for work, which makes me really sad. Met up with her in Robinson's Place Ermita, had dinner, shared a few stories. But our meeting had to be cut short, because a friend of mine is in desperate need of my help. I had to go back to Makati to go to my desperate friend's place, dropped my friend  on the way. On our way, the radio played a song, that instantly caught both our attention. Anything for you by Gloria Estefan is on the track. As the song progressed, we looked at each other and laughed because the song fits me so perfectly! After that, I went to my friend's place and did what we had to do. I went home late yet again.

Thursday feels exhausting but I have yet another gimik to go to. My officemate has resigned and set to leave on Friday so we have to meet up. Turns out, she has another 2 weeks to stay so we postponed it. You think I can get home early right? Think again! My close friend texted me, told me to meet her new girlfriend. So I went along, and we ended up going to Robinson's Place Ermita (again!) then D'zone afterwards. I wanted to go there for a long time now but that day, I absolutely have no intention of going but ended up there. I was still on my work uniform, and tired and sleepy. Wala akong gana sumayaw sayaw!. Yet, it happened. It was nice, well ventilated (at least when I was there, only a few people are there) just along Taft Avenue, in front of De La Salle University. We were there early, so expect a few crowd. At first, I was just drinking, watching the 2 lovebirds dance. But when I stood up, I just can't stop dancing! The waiter there is nice. He talks to my ear, when he notices I'm a bit lonely, then told me I dance well. KILIG! I even asked my friend if I smelled nice. HAHA! Even though I know it's his job, but still he made me smile. He looks nice, not hot, but friendly nice. I definitely would want to go back there because of him. :)

TGIF!!! Last day of the week with work. Although my workplace now isn't as stressful as before, I wanted to sleep! I need sleep! My officemates planned a get-together dinner in Greenbelt. We had dinner at Davids Tea House in Greenbelt 1. Food was nice, typical Chinese cuisine that I'm very much familiar with. I was so full, and even took home the remains because no one would want it. Then Starbucks again afterwards, still in Greenbelt. I had cold White Chocolate Mocha, hoping it tastes as good as the hot one. It kinda did but I prefer the hot one better. Afterwards, we went home. It was weird because I have been going home 12mn everyday for the past week, but this Friday, I went home 10pm. 

Today, it's Saturday. I slept all day! I just woke up and made this blog. Thanks to Shan who taught me how to make a blog, and helped me with the layout. I had a blog before but didn't pushed it through. Now, I wanted to start anew. I wanted to change me. I have so many plans I wanted to push through this year and the years to come. I wanted to live life at it's fullest as if tomorrow is my last. That's why when I go out, I wanted to go to different places, try different restaurants, eat different cuisines, drink different drinks, experience different adventures. I want a diversified world.

Hopefully things will get better. Somehow. Someday. My quote for now: 

Friday, May 28, 2010

my song


As my friend and I was going home from Robinson's Place Ermita, this song played on the stereo of the taxi we're riding. As we listened to the song, we realized how this song fits me so perfectly. We looked at each other and burst out laughing cause we are thinking of the same thing! This song fits me, from start to finish, in every single word possible. Funny, I have been paying attention to the lyrics of the song nowadays rather than to the melody. I appreciate songs more with lyrics I could relate with. This just made the top ten of my favorite songs for this season. :)